Commit a65f04ea authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack

Information for maintaining the ulsshxmlrpcpp package.

parent 3d2c9c1b
The ulsshxmlrpc library is a lightly customized version of the
ulxmlrpcpp library, it's used in the testbed by the event scheduler.
The following are some bits of information for maintaining the
* CVS Repository
* Original source
Importing a new version should be done in the ulxmlrpcpp
* Regenerating's
Change to the source directory and run:
$ ./
The version of the autotools to run is hard coded in the
script, they will probably have to change over time.
* Build a distribution
$ cvs -d /flux/ANONCVS co ulsshxmlrpcpp
$ mkdir ulbuild
$ cd ulbuild
$ ../ulsshxmlrpcpp/configure
$ gmake dist
* Bump version number
Open and change the numbers passed to AC_INIT and
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE. Then rerun .
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