Commit a5cd1c69 authored by Weibin Sun's avatar Weibin Sun Committed by Robert Ricci
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Bug fix: snmpit_arista, wrong arguments order when calling callRPC in setPortVlan.

parent 3c2416f2
......@@ -679,7 +679,7 @@ sub setPortVlan($$@) {
my $id = $self->{NAME} . "::setPortVlan($vlan_number)";
if (! $self->callRPC('vlanTagExist', $id, $vlan_number)) {
if (! $self->callRPC($id, 'vlanTagExist', $vlan_number)) {
warn "VLAN $vlan_number does not exist on $self->{NAME}\n";
return 1;
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