Commit a46aa6f6 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Fix a naughty query.

parent 2c3851ff
......@@ -617,13 +617,12 @@ class Plab:
getFree helper function. Returns a dict of IP:node_id pairs
for the Plab nodes that currently exist in the DB.
res = DBQueryFatal("select plab_mapping.node_id,plab_id,"
" from plab_mapping"
" left join widearea_nodeinfo on"
" plab_mapping.node_id = "
" widearea_nodeinfo.node_id")
res = DBQueryFatal("select pm.node_id,pm.plab_id,pm.hostname,"
" from plab_mapping as pm"
" left join widearea_nodeinfo as wni on"
" pm.node_id = wni.node_id")
ret = {}
for (nodeid, plabid, hostname, ip, mac, site,
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