Commit a45ec90b authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor bug fix to toggle button.

parent bb56a192
......@@ -726,12 +726,12 @@ function PAGEHEADER($title, $view = NULL) {
if ($login_uid && ISADMINISTRATOR()) {
if (ISADMIN($login_uid)) {
echo "<a href=toggle.php?target_uid=$login_uid&type=adminoff&value=1>
echo "<a href=$TBBASE/toggle.php?target_uid=$login_uid&type=adminoff&value=1>
<img src='/redball.gif'
border=0 alt='Admin On'></a>\n";
else {
echo "<a href=toggle.php?target_uid=$login_uid&type=adminoff&value=0>
echo "<a href=$TBBASE/toggle.php?target_uid=$login_uid&type=adminoff&value=0>
<img src='/greenball.gif'
border=0 alt='Admin Off'></a>\n";
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