Commit a4450c51 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Ifdef an ipfw rule under non-singlenet.

Don't recall what this rule was supposed to accomplish, but it
doesn't get installed anyway in the singlenet case since the ipfw
modules is not loaded.
parent 8666067e
......@@ -2589,10 +2589,15 @@ sub SetupBossNode($)
# Tack the frisbee mcast addr ipfw rule onto end of /etc/rc.local.
# XXX no clue anymore about what this was accomplishing. But since
# firewalling is not enabled--and thus ipfw not loaded--except in
# the non-singlenet case, we restrict it to that.
mysystem("echo 'ipfw add 10 allow udp from any to' ".
" >> /etc/rc.local")
if (! $emulabconfig{"CONFIG_GENIRACK"});
if (! $emulabconfig{"CONFIG_SINGLECNET"} &&
! $emulabconfig{"CONFIG_GENIRACK"}) {
mysystem("echo 'ipfw add 10 allow udp from any to' ".
" >> /etc/rc.local");
# Hmm, need to run this at startup though.
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