Commit a3c8c8bc authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Some updates: clear out a few more things

parent 47dfc168
......@@ -20,15 +20,17 @@ my $RUNDIR = "/var/run";
my $HISTORY = "/root/.history";
my $MAILFILE = "/var/mail/root";
my $LEASES = "/var/db/dhclient.leases";
my $NTPDRIFT = "/etc/ntp/drift";
my $NTPDRIFT = "/etc/ntp.drift";
my $SFSUSERS = "/etc/sfs/sfs_users";
my $SFSHOSTKEY = "/etc/sfs/sfs_host_key";
my $MOUNTINFO = "/var/db/mounttab";
my $LOCATEDB = "/var/db/locate.database";
# Load the OS independent support library. It will load the OS dependent
# library and initialize itself.
use lib "/etc/rc.d/testbed";
use lib "/etc/testbed";
use libsetup;
......@@ -90,7 +92,8 @@ opendir(LOG,$LOGDIR) or
while ($dirent = readdir(LOG)) {
my $file = $LOGDIR . "/" . $dirent;
if (-f $file) {
if (($file =~ /\.\d$/) || ($file =~ /\.\d\.gz$/)) {
if (($file =~ /\.\d+$/) || ($file =~ /\.\d\.gz$/) ||
($file =~ /\.(today|yesterday)$/)) {
# Remove archived logfiles
unlink($file) or
die("Could not unlink $file: $!");
......@@ -103,6 +106,20 @@ while ($dirent = readdir(LOG)) {
# Must remove /var/db/mounttab or else at boot time the node will attempt
# to contact all the servers listed in the file to tell them that the
# indicated filesystems are no longer mounted by this node. Normally this
# is harmless however, if the listed server is not reachable in the image's
# new environment (e.g., you are making an image for another testbed), each
# and every one of the listed server/fs pairs will hang for 5 minutes or so.
print "Removing $MOUNTINFO ...\n";
if (-f $MOUNTINFO) {
unlink($MOUNTINFO) or
die("Could not unlink $MOUNTINFO: $!");
print "Removing root's history ...\n";
if (-f $HISTORY) {
unlink($HISTORY) or
......@@ -115,21 +132,39 @@ if (-f $MAILFILE) {
die("Could not unlink $MAILFILE: $!");
print "Removing $NTPDRIFT ...\n";
# Just removing the drift file results in no drift being tracked,
# so set it to zero instead. Not ideal, but at least the clock will
# stabilize eventually this way.
print "Resetting drift in $NTPDRIFT ...\n";
if (-f $NTPDRIFT) {
unlink($NTPDRIFT) or
die("Could not unlink $NTPDRIFT: $!");
open(DRIFT, ">$NTPDRIFT") or
die("Could not open $NTPDRIFT: $!");
print DRIFT "0\n";
print "Cleaing .pid files ...\n";
print "Clearing $LOCATEDB ...\n";
truncate($LOCATEDB,0) or
die("Could not truncate $LOCATEDB: $!");
print "Cleaning .pid files ...\n";
system("rm -rf $RUNDIR/*.pid");
print "Cleaing out /tmp ...\n";
print "Cleaning out /tmp ...\n";
system("rm -rf /tmp/* /tmp/.??*");
print "Removing dhclient leases ...\n";
system("rm -f $LEASES");
# Urk. Old copies of passwd files are stored here...
print "Cleaning out /var/backups ...\n";
system("rm -rf /var/backups/*");
print "Removing SFS files ...\n";
if (-f $SFSUSERS) {
system("rm -f $SFSUSERS ${SFSUSERS}.pub");
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