Commit a348d00a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Fix bug in vlan code that was improperly combining vlans containing

emulated links. I forgot about a little thing called transitivity!
parent 70f54365
......@@ -2560,35 +2560,13 @@ sub AddVlan($$$;$)
elsif ($emulated{$lan}) {
# Like above, except that in this case, its a bunch of vlinks
# sharing a smaller set of physical links, and since a node:port
# can be in only one vlan, we have to convert to a lan with all of
# the ports. The routing table on the node should deal with this
# properly, except for broadcast packets but thats okay.
# Search all existing vlans to see if either of the nodeports
# is already in a vlan. If not, its safe to start a new vlan.
# Otherwise, add just the nodeports that are missing to the old
# vlan.
# sharing a smaller set of physical links. Just mark is differently
# here. See UploadVlans() below; these vlans will be merged to
# into one big supervlan since a nodeport can be in just one vlan
# at a time.
foreach my $lanid (keys(%vlantable)) {
my @members = @{$vlantable{$lanid}};
if (grep {$_ eq $nodeportA || $_ eq $nodeportB} @members) {
# Add the ones that are not there.
if (! grep {$_ eq $nodeportA} @members) {
push(@{$vlantable{$lanid}}, $nodeportA);
if (! grep {$_ eq $nodeportB} @members) {
push(@{$vlantable{$lanid}}, $nodeportB);
printdb " $lanid (DUP), ".
"\[" . join(" ",@{$vlantable{$lanid}}) . "\]\n";
# Make up a name for the "super" vlan.
my $newid = "s$lan:" . $vlanid++;
$vlantable{$newid} = [$nodeportA, $nodeportB];
......@@ -2610,12 +2588,44 @@ sub AddVlan($$$;$)
sub UploadVlans()
# Emulated vlans will result in node:port pairs being in more than
# one vlan since that link is shared for several lans. The hardware
# cannot support that of course, so we have to build merge the
# vlans into "supervlans". Must be done iteratively of course.
printdb "Merging vlans.\n";
foreach my $keyA (keys(%vlantable)) {
my @membersA = @{$vlantable{$keyA}};
foreach my $keyB (keys(%vlantable)) {
my @membersB = @{$vlantable{$keyB}};
if ($keyA ne $keyB) {
foreach my $memberA (@membersA) {
if (grep {$_ eq $memberA} @membersB) {
foreach my $memberB (@membersB) {
if (! grep {$_ eq $memberB} @membersA) {
push(@{$vlantable{$keyA}}, $memberB);
goto again;
printdb "Uploading vlans table.\n";
foreach my $lanid (keys(%vlantable)) {
my $lan = (split(":", $lanid))[0];
my $memberlist = join(" ", @{$vlantable{$lanid}});
printdb " $lanid - $memberlist\n";
DBQueryFatal("insert into vlans (id,pid,eid,virtual,members) ".
"values (0, '$pid', '$eid', '$lan', '$memberlist')");
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