Commit a2691c6a authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Fix for path info not being correct when the fake lannode

is on a switch.
parent 93ceacd1
......@@ -9019,7 +9019,23 @@ sub getportlist(@)
my @result = ();
# The beginning and end of the list are ignored for the path
# since we care only about the Trunk links.
@info = splice(@info, 4, $#info);
@info = splice(@info, 2, $#info);
# The first thing might actually be a path member, as for a
# fake lan node. According to Rob, the path is path from the
# source to destination and when the lannode is on a switch,
# the first item is that switch, and that is part of the path.
# When it is a node, we do not need/want that in the path and
# so we skip it.
# The problem is how to properly distinguish between them. This
# is the best I came up with.
if ($info[0] =~ /^link\-([-\w]*):([-\w]*):/) {
while (@info) {
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