Commit 9ff5ef1a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Allow /groups path for local NS file.

parent 5fed10b6
......@@ -573,14 +573,15 @@ if ($speclocal) {
# for the file before going to ground, so the user will get immediate
# feedback if the filename is bogus.
# Do not allow anything outside of /users or /proj. I do not think there
# Do not allow anything outside of special dirs. I do not think there
# is a security worry, but good to enforce it anyway.
if (! ereg("^$TBPROJ_DIR/.*" ,$exp_localnsfile) &&
! ereg("^$TBUSER_DIR/.*" ,$exp_localnsfile)) {
! ereg("^$TBUSER_DIR/.*" ,$exp_localnsfile) &&
! ereg("^$TBGROUP_DIR/.*" ,$exp_localnsfile)) {
"Server resident file must be in either ".
$nsfile = $exp_localnsfile;
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