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Add thoughts on how to modify imagezip and the image creation process to

create "delta" images based on the hash signatures that can be computed
by imagehash for an image.
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......@@ -138,3 +138,57 @@ only specific chunks and possibly writing only select data from the chunks.
writing? Or do we not collect unsolicited chunks at all? Conversely,
what if we start to receive data for a chunk that we are in the process
of hashing?
Thinking about using hashes and signature files to enable creation of
"incremental" or "delta" image. The idea is that a user loads the disk
with a standard image and then at swapout time, or when the user requests
a custom disk image be saved, we use the signature of the original image
compared with the disk contents to create a minimal delta.
So imagezip will have an option where it takes an "incremental" option
and a signature file as created by imagehash, and creates the delta.
This is a little more complicated than using hashes to update a disk
as above. Imagehash only hashes allocated blocks on the disk, since it
works from the imagezip image. But what if the user then allocates addtional
blocks in a filesystem on the disk? When it comes time to compute the delta
image from the signature, those blocks will not be even looked at since they
were free in the original image. And, blocks that were freed by the user
might well wind up in the delta. So the process becomes:
1. transfer signature file to node
2. compute allocated block list for the disk
3. compare the two lists:
- blocks allocated on the disk, but not in the sig are saved
- blocks allocated in the sig, but not on the disk are NOT saved
- for all others, we compare hashes
Another issue is how does imagezip know how much of the file it should look
at when creating a delta. If a users only loads FreeBSD in partition 1,
but then puts data in the other partitions, how do we know that we should
save that in the delta? In a sense, the mechanism will just work. If the
signature used for comparison only covers partition 1, and imagezip is
told to look at all partitions on the disk, then any allocated blocks
discovered on other partitions would not be in the signature and thus would
be saved. But how does the user tell imagezip that it should be looking
at the whole disk rather than just partition 1?
I suppose the user will have to specify in the "create an image" form,
which partitions should be included in the custom image computation.
They will also need to be able to specify that imagezip look at certain
paritions in "raw" mode, in case for example, they use partition 4 on the
disk to store data without creating a filesystem. Without being explicitly
told that that partition is in use, imagezip would ignore it.
On the flip side, even though a user has loaded the default, full disk
image at experiment creation time, they probably will only use the single
BSD or RHL partition and customize that. But the delta creation process
would look at the entire disk, since a full disk image was originally loaded.
The resulting delta won't be any bigger since the remaining contents of the
disk are unchanged, but it will take longer than necessary to perform the
scan and create the image. Again, if the user is made to specify what
partitions should be examined when creating the delta image, this won't
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