Commit 9fa940a7 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor fix; do case insensitive compare of project names and domains

when doing image tracker stuff.
parent c6840f97
......@@ -763,13 +763,13 @@ sub DoImageTrackerStuff($$$$$)
# Aside; should we allow snapshots (in the web ui) across projects?
if ($hrn->domain() eq $aggregate->domain()) {
if (lc($hrn->domain()) eq lc($aggregate->domain())) {
my $projhrn = GeniHRN->Parse($blob->{'project_urn'});
if (!defined($projhrn)) {
print STDERR "Could not parse " . $blob->{'project_urn'} . "\n";
return -1;
if ($projhrn->subauth() eq $project->pid()) {
if (lc($projhrn->subauth()) eq lc($project->pid())) {
# We use the URN we get back from CreateSliver().
return 0;
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