Commit 9f5a312f authored by Robert P Ricci's avatar Robert P Ricci

Add two new triggers for secure boot

Add 'POWEROFF' and 'EMAILNOTIFY' state triggers - the idea is that
these will be used as triggers when a node enters the 'SECVIOLATION'
state in the secure reload path, to turn off the node and send
testbed-ops mail about it.

Not yet tested.
parent 366faf8b
......@@ -823,6 +823,17 @@ sub stateTransition($$) {
(/^$TBPOWEROFF$/) && do {
(/^EMAILNOTIFY$/) && do {
"STATED: $node entered state $newstate",
"$node entered state $mode/$newstate from " .
"Stated Daemon <".$TBOPS.">");
/^RELOADOLDMFS$/ && do {
my $frisbee_osid = TBNodeDiskloadOSID($node);
my $frisbee_name = DBQuerySingleFatal("select osname from os_info where osid=$frisbee_osid");
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