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Information about upgrading the FBSD410-STD image to FreeBSD 6.3 running as a boss node.

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13 June 2008
This is the procedure we used to upgrade the standard Emulab image "FBSD410-STD"
to a boss node running FreeBSD 6.3 with the 2008-06-10 Emulab source code and
the 2008-01-14 server meta-port.
Note that the 2008-01-14 meta-port is not yet official and is simply the
2007-05-17 meta-port with an updated pubsub package.
1) Boot the first CD of the FreeBSD 6.3 release. Once in the sysinstall menu,
select Upgrade. You may be prompted to mount your FreeBSD partitions before
proceeding. When it asks you for a distribution set, select Developer. Do not
install the ports collection at this time.
As sysinstall will inform you, it does not touch /usr/src. You will need to
manually update your source tree later.
After performing the binary upgrade, sysinstall should inform you that the
operation was successful.
2) Reboot your machine and make sure the kernel can load. There will almost
certainly be issues with your configuration files in /etc. Also, if you monitor
the serial line, know that the new kernel by default will output at 9600 baud
instead of the Emulab-configured 115200.
3) Fix a FreeBSD 6.3 bug in /etc/rc.d/named line 79 by changing && to || in the
function make_symlinks().
4) Use pkg_info to check if you have a version of p5-Mysql-modules-1.x installed.
If it is, remove it with pkg_delete. This package conflicts with the current
Emulab meta-port. Also, force remove the expat and linuxthreads packages.
5) Remove the old ports collection in /usr/ports if it exists. Unpack the
Emulab-approved ports collection from into /usr/ports.
6) Using the new ports tree, install the expat and linuxthreads packages.
7) Install the emulab-boss-2.0 package as described in the doc tree of the
Emulab source and on the Trac wiki. This process should complete successfully
but with several (10-20) software version complaints.
8) Continue installing the Emulab software from source as described in the
installation documentation on the wiki and source tarball.
You should now have a "working" boss node. This procedure should be similar
for upgrading an ops node. If something doesn't work, remove the offending
package and install it again from the approved ports tree.
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