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Commit 9e605761 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

xenbrige-setup, a script to set up bridging for Xen 4 dom0

Figures out control net interface, sets up a new bridge, and moves
the control net IP to the bridge. Also updates the controlif file
to point to the new bridge.

Known limitation: Does not preserve IP aliases from control net
parent 78228cf7
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Copyright (c) 2012 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# All rights reserved.
# Drag in path stuff so we can find emulab stuff.
BEGIN { require "/etc/emulab/"; import emulabpaths; }
use libsetup;
use liblocsetup;
# Set up bridging in a way that will make Xen 4 happy
# Default bridgename
my $XENBR = "xenbr0";
# Locations of some binaries we use, really should be in
my $BRCTL = "/sbin/brctl";
my $IPBIN = "/bin/ip";
my $IFCONFIGBIN = "/sbin/ifconfig";
sub usage()
print "Usage: xenbridge-setup [interface]\n";
print "interface defaults to control net if not specificed\n";
my $interface = undef;
if (@ARGV == 1) {
$interface = $ARGV[0];
} elsif (@ARGV != 0) {
# If we weren't given an interface, find the control net
if (!defined($interface)) {
my $cnetfile = "$BOOTDIR/controlif";
if (-e $cnetfile) {
$interface = `cat $cnetfile`;
chomp $interface;
} else {
die "Unable to open control net file $cnetfile\n";
print "xenbridge-setup: Using interface $interface\n";
# Grab the IP configuration from the current control net interface
open(IFOUTPUT,"$IFCONFIGBIN $interface |")
or die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to run $IFCONFIGBIN!\n";
my ($address,$netmask);
while (!eof(IFOUTPUT)) {
my $line = <IFOUTPUT>;
chomp $line;
if ($line =~ /^\s+inet\s+addr:(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+).*Mask:(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)/) {
$address = $1;
$netmask = $2;
if (!$address || !$netmask) {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to determine IP address and mask for $interface\n";
print "xenbridge-setup: Using IP address $address and mask $netmask\n";
# Get the default route
open(ROUTEOUTPUT,"$IPBIN route list |")
or die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to get route list!\n";
my ($defroute);
while (!eof(ROUTEOUTPUT)) {
my $line = <ROUTEOUTPUT>;
chomp $line;
if ($line =~ /^default via (\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)/) {
$defroute = $1;
if (!$defroute) {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to determine default route\n";
print "xenbridge-setup: Using default route $defroute\n";
# Make the bridge
if (system "$BRCTL addbr $XENBR") {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to create bridge $XENBR\n";
# Remove address from the control net
if (system "$IPBIN address flush dev $interface\n") {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to remove $address from $interface\n";
# Add control net interface to the bridge
if (system "$BRCTL addif $XENBR $interface") {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to add $interface to bridge $XENBR\n";
# Move IP address from the old control net to the bridge
if (system "$IFCONFIGBIN $XENBR inet $address netmask $netmask") {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to add address $address to bridge $XENBR\n";
# Add back the default route
if (system "$IPBIN route add default via $defroute") {
die "xenbridge-setup: Unable to add back default route $defroute\n";
# Change control net interface file
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