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Put in a warning, when using the local disk, about how all your changes

will be lost when you are swapped.
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......@@ -1229,7 +1229,11 @@
Each node has a partition at the end of the disk that you can use if
you wish. In Linux, the partition is <code>/dev/hda4</code> ; in FreeBSD,
it's </code>/dev/ad0s4</code> . There is no filesystem on this partition,
so you'll need to create it yourself.
so you'll need to create it yourself. Before going any further, there
is one very important point: <b>anything you put in this disk space will
be lost when your experiment swaps out!</b> That is, unless you create
a <a href="tutorial/tutorial.php3#CustomOS">Custom disk image</a>
before it gets swapped.
Recent versions of our standard FreeBSD and Linux images include a
script, <code>/usr/testbed/bin/mkextrafs</code> for this purpose.
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