Commit 9d815da4 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Prefix specified experiment name with the project name, as per

what the tb scripts do.
parent 1f8a78bd
......@@ -103,14 +103,14 @@ echo " </td>
# Experiment ID and Long Name:
echo "<tr>
<td>*Experiment Name:</td>
<td>*Name<br>(will be prefixed by project name):</td>
<td><input type=\"text\" name=\"exp_id\">
echo "<tr>
<td>*Experiment Long Name:</td>
<td><input type=\"text\" name=\"exp_name\">
<td>*Long Name:</td>
<td><input type=\"text\" name=\"exp_name\" size=\"40\">
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ echo "<tr>
echo "<tr>
<td>*Your NS file (20K max):</td>
<td><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"MAX_FILE_SIZE\" value=\"20000\">
<input type=\"file\" name=\"exp_nsfile\">
<input type=\"file\" name=\"exp_nsfile\" size=\"30\">
......@@ -89,13 +89,18 @@ if ($row = mysql_fetch_row($pswd_result)) {
# Current policy is to prefix the EID with the PID.
$exp_eid = $exp_pid . "-" . $exp_id;
# Make sure the experiment ID does not already exist.
$query_result = mysql_db_query($TBDBNAME,
"SELECT eid FROM experiments WHERE eid=\"$exp_id\"");
"SELECT eid FROM experiments WHERE eid=\"$exp_eid\"");
if ($row = mysql_fetch_row($query_result)) {
USERERROR("The experiment name \"$exp_id\" you have chosen is already ".
USERERROR("The experiment name \"$exp_eid\" you have chosen is already ".
"in use. Please select another.", 1);
......@@ -125,6 +130,12 @@ if (strcmp($trust, "group_root") && strcmp($trust, "local_root")) {
# which we know to be unique cause we tested that above. Later, when
# the experiment is ended, the directory will be deleted.
# Note that the filenames are all wierd. The tbsetup scripts do very odd
# things with the name, prepending the "project" to the filename.
# There is similar path stuff in endexp.php3. Be sure to sync that up
# if you change things here.
# No need to tell me how bogus this is.
$dirname = "$TBWWW_DIR"."$TBNSSUBDIR"."/"."$exp_id";
......@@ -219,15 +230,16 @@ $query_result = mysql_db_query($TBDBNAME,
"INSERT INTO experiments ".
"(eid, pid, expt_created, expt_expires, expt_name, ".
"expt_head_uid, expt_start, expt_end) ".
"VALUES ('$exp_id', '$exp_pid', '$exp_created', '$exp_expires', ".
"VALUES ('$exp_eid', '$exp_pid', '$exp_created', '$exp_expires', ".
"'$exp_name', '$uid', '$exp_start', '$exp_end')");
if (! $query_result) {
$err = mysql_error();
TBERROR("Database Error adding new experiment $exp_id: $err\n", 1);
TBERROR("Database Error adding new experiment $exp_eid: $err\n", 1);
echo "<center><br>";
echo "<h2>Experiment Configured!<br>";
echo "The ID for your experiment is $exp_eid<br>";
echo "Here is a summary of the nodes that were allocated<br>";
echo "</h2></center><br>";
......@@ -252,7 +264,7 @@ echo "</XMP>\n";
if (1) {
mail($TBMAIL_WWW, "TESTBED: New Experiment Created",
"User: $uid\n".
"EID: $exp_id\n".
"EID: $exp_eid\n".
"PID: $exp_pid\n".
"Name: $exp_name\n".
"Created: $exp_created\n".
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