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Things I have been doing.

That Stoller boy had better do some ChangeLog updating too,
he has been a busy beaver.
parent ebcaa7ff
mike 2004/04/12 16:06:52 MDT
Modified files:
capture capture.c
Getting back ETIMEDOUT from a socket read should not be fatal to capture.
Now it is treaded just like ECONNRESET.
Also, don't clobber the read errno with the intermediate sigsetmask call
(though it should never fail and errno should never be affected)
Change warn() to warning() to avoid conflict with standard BSD library
routine. This showed up when statically linking capture.
Revision Changes Path
1.31 +24 -16 testbed/capture/capture.c
mike 2004/04/07 11:22:32 MDT
Modified files:
os/imagezip global.h imagezip.c
os/imagezip/ntfs ntfs_glue.c
os/imagezip/ntfs/libntfs ntfs.patch
Get rid of the hacky code to figure out what special file was associated
with every DOS partition. It was only used by NTFS and has been replaced
by equally hacky changes to the NTFS library.
The benefit of the latter is that it at least works all the time on
Linux and all FreeBSD versions.
Revision Changes Path
1.3 +0 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/global.h
1.46 +1 -106 testbed/os/imagezip/imagezip.c
1.2 +9 -14 testbed/os/imagezip/ntfs/ntfs_glue.c
mike 2004/03/30 17:27:04 MST
Modified files:
www/tutorial tutorial.html
Added files:
www/tutorial ixp.html
Add IXP documentation from Abhijeet
Revision Changes Path
1.73 +3 -0 testbed/www/tutorial/tutorial.html
mike 2004/03/30 14:44:33 MST
Modified files:
www/tutorial vnodes.html
Alright, I am now officially sick of writing vnode documentation.
I have said all that I want to say.
Revision Changes Path
1.4 +268 -47 testbed/www/tutorial/vnodes.html
mike 2004/03/29 16:31:10 MST
Modified files:
www/tutorial tutorial.html
Added files:
www/tutorial control-net.png
Add a section on the control net
Revision Changes Path
1.72 +124 -0 testbed/www/tutorial/tutorial.html
ricci 2004/03/23 15:56:53 MST
Added files:
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