Commit 9b899fd7 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Notes on things I haven't done yet.

parent 34c20e96
1. Better throttling of block re-requests at the client.
Currently we have a variable, redodelay, in the client which is a
constant value which is supposed to estimate how long a block request
might legitimately be outstanding. Ideally, this value depends on
the currently length of the server's request queue; i.e., we should
wait long enough for every current request at the server to be
processed before it does ours.
Since we are tracking requests and replies (blocks), estimate the length
of the server request queue. First approximation: chunk granularity.
When we see any (full or partial) request for a chunk, mark the chunk
outstanding. When we see any block for a chunk, mark it no longer
outstanding. The number of outstanding chunks at any time is an
estimate of the queue size. Good news: return blocks lost due to
congestion will keep the queue size high, reducing the request rate.
Bad news: we mark a chunk no longer outstanding after the first block
we receive for that chunk, decrementing the queue size even though much
of the chunk has not yet been sent. In fact, if we loose all but one
returned block from a chunk, the chunk is still marked as no longer
outstanding. Better approximation: block granularity. Keep an accurate
map of outstanding blocks. When we see a request, record the blocks.
When we see a block come in, remove it. This function could be combined
with the current request aging mechanism. Good news: offers a
conservative estimate of server queue size, lost reply blocks keep our
queue size estimate high, reducing congestion. Bad news: requires space
proportional to the compressed image size to track, for each 1k block of
data we might have as much as 8 bytes of tracking info, only 2 orders of
magnitude difference, e.g. a 1GB image requiring 10MB of tracking info.
Alternative: measure the rate of partial chunk requests based on observed
requests, similar to what the server does. We back off (increase redodelay)
when the rate is too high. Good news: it is symmetric with what the server
currently does. Bad news: harder to map this rate to an adjustment than
it is with the queue-size-estimate method.
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