Commit 9b623f72 authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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BUG FIX: Make sure to return <services></services> even in version 0.1 RSpecs

parent 997dc57a
......@@ -686,13 +686,13 @@ sub Create($$$$$$)
GeniXML::SetText("hostname", $rspec, $hostname);
GeniXML::SetText("sshdport", $rspec, $sshdport)
if (defined($sshdport));
} else {
my $services = GeniXML::AddElement("services", $rspec);
my $login = GeniXML::AddElement("login", $services);
GeniXML::SetText("authentication", $login, "ssh-keys");
GeniXML::SetText("hostname", $login, $phostname);
GeniXML::SetText("port", $login, $sshdport);
my $sliver = GeniSliver->Create($slice, $user, $resource_uuid, "Node",
$resource_id, $hrn, $nickname, $rspec);
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