Commit 9a0fe61f authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Fix for the case where we turn on local protogeni user accounts,

but there is already a geni_users account.
parent 7f69f694
......@@ -5638,6 +5638,10 @@ sub CreateUserFromCertificate($)
my $user = GeniUser->Lookup($certificate->urn(), 1);
if (defined($user)) {
if ($PROTOGENI_LOCALUSER && !$user->IsLocal()) {
$user = User->LookupNonLocal($urn);
if (defined($user)) {
return GeniUser->CreateFromLocal($user);
# Already exists as a geni user, need to make a real user.
return GeniUtil::CreateLocalUser($urn, $email);
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