Commit 9a096ea8 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Minor change to Jon's fix in previous revision; silence warning if

its a delay node.
parent c8781411
......@@ -1365,13 +1365,15 @@ sub GenFixNodes($)
my $vnode = $self->vnodes()->{$vname};
my $fixed = $self->fixednodes()->{$vname};
if (!defined($vnode)) {
tbwarn("GenFixNodes: No vnode for $vname\n");
if (!defined($fixed)) {
tbwarn("GenFixNodes: No fixed node for $vname\n");
# Normal nodes have a vnodem but delay nodes do not.
if (!defined($vnode) && !$self->isadelaynode($vname)) {
tbwarn("GenFixNodes: No vnode for $vname\n");
# Temporary rspec generation.
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