Commit 99672233 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Kill the text about running prepare (except for windows images) since

that happens automatically now.
parent 8bfb0e66
......@@ -1262,34 +1262,14 @@ default images as a base, goes like this:
good idea to reboot the node and make sure that everything is
running as you want it to when it comes up.
<li> When we make global images for everybody (like WINXP-SP1,
FBSD410-STD, RHL90-STD, and FC4-STD), the final thing we do before
<li> If you are creating a <em>Windows</em> based image, you <b>must</b>
"prepare" the node. The final thing to do before
grabbing the image is to login on the <a
href="../faq.php3?#node-consoles">console</a>, drop to single user mode,
and run the <code>prepare</code> script:
$ sudo shutdown now
$ /usr/local/etc/emulab/prepare
cleans out all of the other user accounts and per-experiment stuff
so a clean image is saved. Then at experiment swap-in time, the
Emulab management scripts create all of the accounts with
information drawn from the Emulab database.
This step is optional while creating custom images, except for
and run the <code>prepare</code> script. This is described in
detail in the
<a href="../doc/docwrapper.php3?docname=windows.html#Custom_images">
custom Windows images</a>, where the TCP/IP network setup depends on
doing it. Custom user images are limited to use within a
particular project, so it's a bit of an optimization for the
project user accounts to be already created in the custom image.
The saved stale account information is then overwritten by an
Emulab mechanism for updating the account information continuously
in an image.
custom Windows images</a> section of the Windows tutorial.
<li> Note the physical (pcXX) name of the machine used!
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