Commit 971ad157 authored by Dan Reading's avatar Dan Reading
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add uname -svr to the inventory file so we can tell which kernel ran the checknode

parent 1bca8829
......@@ -52,10 +52,14 @@ gatherinv_main() {
# print it back out for the database
{ printtmcinfo
} > /tmp/ # .new not necessary should reuse old name
# note what kernel we are running
printf "#KERNEL %s\n" "$(uname -svr)" >> /tmp/
# print full locally found inventory
{ printhwinv
} > /tmp/nodecheck.log.inv
printf "#KERNEL %s\n" "$(uname -svr)" >> /tmp/nodecheck.log.inv
host=$($BINDIR/tmcc nodeid)
# make sure proj got mounted
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