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Checkpoint real TODO file.

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[This file is not kept entirely up to date.]
* From: Jay Lepreau <>
Subject: Snapping an image - physnode menu item
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 17:39:36 MDT
It's always seemed logical to me to have such a menu item on the
(physical) "Node Information" page.
In fact, several times I've looked for it there,
only to remember it doesn't exist, and I need to go to
"ImageIdS and OSIDs" (which is not an "action" item,
and is not associated with an experiment).
* Email archive for project email lists.
* Add NS file history, and links to view/create from old NS files.
I think this might be pretty cool to do, and its not that
hard. Change the nsfiles table to index by the unique
experiment idx, instead of pid/eid, and add a copy of the
original description field to it. Then link it off the users
"Show History" link, which has his experiment log. We could
load up the old NS files, but I think thats enough of a pain
that I would not nother too.
From Dave:
> key by the md5 hash of the ns file and store it by that:
> table 1:
> exp pid date md5_of_file
> table 2:
> md5_of_file contents_of_file
> That has the advantage of keeping the commonly accessed
> table (table 1) small and statically sized, whereas the
> slow and dynamic TEXT records are then in table 2.
Could also hang it off the experiment_resources record, which
would address the swapmod issue, since a new resource record
is created at each swapmod.
* Secure the event system so that experiments cannot spoof/snoop each other.
* Fix case sensitivity of event system (and agents, scheduler).
* Fix idleswap auditing.
* Aren't users required to fill in their first and last names?
Also note the state.
*** Major:
* Fix event scheduler for experiment modify so that it can add new
events from the current time index, instead of from time 0.
* Dynamic reconfiguration of experiments (add and subtract nodes).
- Special case for flat topologies. LAN Easy.
- Adding to complicated topologies.
......@@ -73,6 +126,8 @@
*** Medium:
* Change batch system to handle limited-use disk images like timesys.
* CDROM changes:
1) Add DHCP support to
3) Add per host certificates.
......@@ -154,9 +209,6 @@
* Clean up ISADMIN() and ISADMININISTRATOR() calls in php pages.
* Allow users to set default group and default shell via web page and
pass out to nodes when creating accounts.
* > Mapping RHL-STD on pc92 to emulab-ops-RHL73-STD.
> *** Tarfile /usr/local for node pc96 does not exist!
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