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Add some entries to make it look like I do something around here.

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......@@ -12,6 +12,96 @@ ricci 2004/03/23 15:56:53 MST
Allows the user to give a set of criteria (such as node, bandwidth,
latency, and packet loss), and grabs links that match those criteria.
mike 2004/03/23 10:51:55 MST
Modified files:
tmcd tmcd.c
Move some of our "policy" about watchdog intervals from the watchdog
client to here. Policies are things like only plab service slices do
rusage reports and local nodes don't check for cvsup updates, etc.
Maybe these should all be sitevars, but I didn't really want to have
20 different watchdog-related timeout values.
Note: the detection of what is a plab service slice is a hack right
now (string ends in "-20"). Kirk will be giving me a better way RSN.
Revision Changes Path
1.220 +40 -8 testbed/tmcd/tmcd.c
mike 2004/03/20 19:43:53 MST
Modified files:
tmcd tmcd.c
Use setproctitle to report what we are up to.
Now ps will show info about the request being processed,
or the total number of requests processed when idle.
Revision Changes Path
1.219 +22 -13 testbed/tmcd/tmcd.c
mike 2004/03/20 01:14:07 MST
Modified files:
tmcd/common watchdog
Two fubars:
1. make sure we send an immediate isalive on startup rather than waiting
for the first interval to pass
2. don't fall back on a tcp call on plab nodes, this just eventually hangs
all our tmcds on flaky plab machines
Revision Changes Path
1.15 +13 -3 testbed/tmcd/common/watchdog
mike 2004/03/18 23:03:19 MST
Modified files:
tmcd/common watchdog
The new watchdog:
- check intervals driven by sitevars delivered by TMCD command
- handles rusage stats return on plab nodes
It is now a single process and executes any auxilliary scripts synchronously.
This may prove to be unwieldy in the face of long running scripts like
update. If so, we'll have to add all that fork/exec/waitpid mucky-muck.
Revision Changes Path
1.11 +3 -1 testbed/tmcd/common/
1.14 +578 -83 testbed/tmcd/common/watchdog
mike 2004/03/17 14:53:46 MST
Modified files:
tmcd tmcd.c
Fix problem with large ssh pubkeys. We now malloc a special buffer
if the pubkey is too large to fit in the default buffer.
Also added a F_MAXLOG value that you can set to force maximum logging
for a particular command.
Fix an off-by-one in the OUTPUT macro
Revision Changes Path
1.215 +40 -7 testbed/tmcd/tmcd.c
mike 2004/03/17 09:41:59 MST
Modified files:
tmcd tmcd.c
Add the "watchdog" info command to configure timeouts for the client
watchdog process based on sitevars.
Also added a command flags field to take care of a couple of misc. attributes
like whether a command can be allowed from a remote site via UDP or whether
we should not perform as much logging.
Revision Changes Path
1.214 +142 -57 testbed/tmcd/tmcd.c
ricci 2004/03/16 15:38:16 MST
Modified files:
......@@ -33,6 +123,69 @@ ricci 2004/03/16 14:48:45 MST
Adding another query to do this was much simpler than trying to make the one
monster query already in this script get what we wanted.
mike 2004/03/15 22:55:36 MST
Modified files:
Added files:
Linux version of script to make the "extra" filesystem in the 4th partition.
Sometime we might want to offer an option on the experiment create page to
automatically setup the 4th partition for people.
For now they can run it as /usr/testbed/bin/mkextrafs
Revision Changes Path
1.40 +1 -0 testbed/tmcd/linux/
mike 2004/03/12 16:10:59 MST
Modified files:
os/imagezip global.h
imagedump.c imagehdr.h imageunzip.c
imagezip.8 imagezip.c
os/imagezip/extfs extfs.c
os/imagezip/ffs ffs.c
Added files:
os/imagezip/extfs lilo.h reloc_lilo.c
Random imagezip hacking:
1. Make imagezip (and imageunzip) understand LILO bootblocks.
Imagezip will create relocation information for all the absolute
blocks that LILO embeds in the partition. Imageunzip will correctly
relocate those locations when laying down the new image. Thus
Linux slice images can be layed down anywhere on the disk (as can
BSD images).
2. Because #1 is incompatible with the old imageunzip, I bumped the
imagezip format version number (to 3) on images that contain relocations
(i.e., slice images). Make sure you have a new imageunzip to unzip
new slice images. Whole disk images are still created as version 2
since they contain no relocs and thus are no different than before.
3. Added -N option to imagezip to create slice images without any
relocations. [ We could create our Emulab images this way, since we
don't have any mechanism for, or reason to, let the user choose which
partition to load an image in. Hence our slice images always wind up
at the same offset on the disk and relocations are unnecessary. ]
Note that there is no significant expense in either time or space for
relocations, this option was more of a debugging thing.
Revision Changes Path
1.3 +1 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/
1.4 +1 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/
1.2 +2 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/global.h
1.9 +40 -10 testbed/os/imagezip/imagedump.c
1.7 +13 -2 testbed/os/imagezip/imagehdr.h
1.27 +61 -5 testbed/os/imagezip/imageunzip.c
1.10 +36 -12 testbed/os/imagezip/imagezip.8
1.44 +43 -17 testbed/os/imagezip/imagezip.c
1.3 +3 -2 testbed/os/imagezip/extfs/
1.2 +16 -2 testbed/os/imagezip/extfs/extfs.c
1.2 +5 -3 testbed/os/imagezip/ffs/ffs.c
ricci 2004/03/11 17:44:45 MST
Modified files:
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