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Commit 9391d2df authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Use APT/Cloud (brand) specific email from the APT instance library, for

expire warning email.
parent f129a645
......@@ -233,6 +233,8 @@ sub WarnSlices()
# Slice is gone, lets not worry.
my $slice_uuid = $slice->uuid();
if ($slice->Lock() != 0) {
print STDERR "Could not lock slice $slice.\n";
goto skip;
......@@ -295,11 +297,19 @@ sub WarnSlices()
else {
print STDERR
"Sending mail to $geniuser about expiring slice $idx,$hrn\n";
SENDMAIL($emailaddr, "Slice $urn expiring",
# Do not expose slices to APT/Cloud users.
my $instance = APT_Instance->LookupBySlice($slice_uuid);
if (defined($instance)) {
$instance->WarnExpiring("$diff $unit");
else {
SENDMAIL($emailaddr, "Slice $urn expiring",
"Slice $urn\n".
"is going to expire in approximately $diff $unit.\n".
"Please renew it or let it expire if you not using it.\n",
"Geni Operations <$TBOPS>");
$warned{$idx} = time();
$expires{$idx} = $stamp;
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