Commit 933ecb5c authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

If a vnode is an elabinelab server, skip the vnodePreBoot initialization.

(Re)initializing the ssh keys and ssl certs breaks the elabinelab.
parent 7bec8a74
......@@ -1626,6 +1626,19 @@ sub vnodePreConfig($$$$$){
mysystem("mount $dev $vnoderoot");
# XXX If the VM appears to be a server in an elabinelab, don't do
# anything else. Our standard setup of keys and certs will clobber
# the custom elabinelab setup.
if (-e "$vnoderoot/etc/emulab/outer_bossnode") {
print STDERR
"vnodePreConfig: WARNING: $vnode_id appears to be a configured ".
"elabinelab server; skipping localizations\n";
mysystem("umount $dev");
return 0;
# XXX We need to get rid of this or get it from tmcd!
if (! -e "$vnoderoot/etc/emulab/genvmtype") {
mysystem2("echo 'xen' > $vnoderoot/etc/emulab/genvmtype");
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