Commit 9339c47f authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Modify assign bandwidth checks so that when a bandwidth of '*'

is given, it skips bandwidth checks.

Not well tested yet.
parent 2e77d07f
......@@ -1502,11 +1502,15 @@ bool find_best_link(pvertex pv,pvertex switch_pv,tb_vlink *vlink,
} else {
// For non-emulated links, we're just looking for links with few (0,
// actually) users, and enough bandwidth
// actually) users, and enough bandwidth (if we're adjusting the bw
// on the vlink to match what's on the interfaces selected, we don't
// even need to check bandwidth)
// DELAY_INFO_BANDWIDTH: Modify this check to skip looking at the
// bandwidth
if ((users < best_users) &&
(plink->delay_info.bandwidth >= vlink->delay_info.bandwidth)) {
(vlink->delay_info.adjust_to_native_bandwidth ||
(plink->delay_info.bandwidth >= vlink->delay_info.bandwidth)
)) {
best_pedge = *pedge_it;
best_distance = distance;
found_best = true;
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