Commit 92eb1d5e authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Couple important, but small fixes:

1) properly disable alarm before exiting ForkCmd
   - this was causing SIGALRM to get sent when it shouldn't have, and
     probably caused the renewal failures.
   - was introduced accidentally yesterday when I unwittingly committed
     some beta libplab code along with the rootball version string fix.

2) Changed semantics of the renew daemon s.t. it only sends a single message
   for each invocation of the renewal loop - summarizes the ones that failed.

The rest of the code I committed accidentally yesterday seems to be working
just fine.  It all looks sane on perusal.
parent 9b1e6789
......@@ -319,8 +319,8 @@ def ForkCmd(cmd, args=(), timeout=DEF_TIMEOUT,
if gotexc:
tb = "".join(traceback.format_exception_only(*sys.exc_info()[:2]))
print "Exception caught while trying to " \
"run command %s\n%s" % (cmd.func_name, tb)
......@@ -926,6 +926,7 @@ class Plab:
" where %s > unix_timestamp(leaseend)",
(endtime, ))
loadedSlices = {}
failed = []
for pid, eid, nodeid in res:
slice = loadedSlices[(pid, eid)]
......@@ -934,10 +935,17 @@ class Plab:
loadedSlices[(pid, eid)] = slice
node = slice.loadNode(nodeid)
if node.renew():
print "Failed to renew lease for %s" % nodeid
SENDMAIL(TBOPS, "Lease renewal failed: %s" % nodeid,
"Failed to renew lease on %s for %s/%s" %
(nodeid, pid, eid))
print "Failed to renew lease for %s %s/%s" % (nodeid,pid,eid)
if failed:
failstr = ""
for n in failed:
failstr += "%s %s/%s\n" % n
SENDMAIL(TBOPS, "Lease renewal(s) failed" % nodeid,
"Failed to renew lease on the following nodes:\n%s" %
failstr + "\n\nPlease check the plabrenew log")
def _createAgentProxy(self, insecure = False):
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