Commit 923356d7 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Remove blockmode argument in tree mode vlan allocation; want

only one of the tags, not all of them.
parent 0897c253
......@@ -2528,13 +2528,9 @@ sub GetTicketAuxAux($$$$$$$$$$)
"Could not find a free vlan tag for $linkname");
goto bad;
# Do this in "blockmode" so that snmpit does not throw an error
# if one of the tags is not available.
print STDERR
"Trying to allocate vlan tags for $linkname: @tags\n";
system("$SNMPIT --blockmode -A ".
"Trying to allocate one tag for $linkname: @tags\n";
system("$SNMPIT -A ".
"$pid $eid $lanid," . join(",", @tags));
if ($?) {
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