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......@@ -110,21 +110,28 @@ function NLCEMPTY()
<?php NLCH1("Introduction") ?>
<?php NLCH1("Preface") ?>
<!-- Center -->
We have deployed and opened to public external use a small version of
what will grow into a large mobile robotic wireless testbed. The
small version (4 Motes and 4 Stargates on 4 robots, all remotely
controllable) is in an open area within our offices; the big one will
be elsewhere.
<?php NLCBODYEND() ?>
<?php NLCEMPTY() ?>
<h4>How to Use It</h4>
<?php NLCH1("Introduction") ?>
<!-- Center -->
In addition to <a href="docwrapper.php3?docname=wireless.html">fixed wireless
nodes</a> (currently predominantly 802.11), Emulab also features wireless nodes attached
......@@ -332,7 +339,7 @@ Now that you have a node allocated, let's make it mobile. During swap-in,
Emulab will start moving the node to its initial position. You can watch its
progress by using the "Robot Map" menu item on the experiment page and checking
out the <a href="<?php echo $TBBASE ?>/webcam.php3">webcams</a> or
the <a href="<?php echo $TBBASE ?>/robotrack.php3">applet version of the map</a>
the <a href="<?php echo $TBBASE ?>/robotrack/robotrack.php3">applet version of the map</a>
that updates in real time.
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