Commit 90da9d37 authored by Kevin Atkinson's avatar Kevin Atkinson

In Experiment::EditExp do not assume the batchmode parameter is false

if it is not set, as it is likely the case that it was simply
unchanged and thus not passed into EditExp.  This had the effect of
always trying to disable Batch Mode when editing the experiment
settings, which would often fail, and thus preventing the user from
editing other settings.
parent faa7c6f1
......@@ -1031,11 +1031,8 @@ sub EditExp($$$$$$)
# the swapped state. If the query fails, we know that the experiment
# was in transition.
if (!exists($argref->{"batchmode"})) {
$argref->{"batchmode"} = 0;
if ($experiment->batchmode() != $argref->{"batchmode"}) {
if (exists($argref->{"batchmode"}) && $experiment->batchmode() != $argref->{"batchmode"}) {
my $success = 0;
my $batchmode;
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