Commit 90b783da authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor change so that new images get okay stuff for the delays command,

even when the delays table is not setup properly (cause its an
experiment swapped in under the old assign_wrapper).
parent df286775
......@@ -1505,9 +1505,15 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dodelay)
row[32], row[33], row[34],
row[35], row[36]);
if (vers >= 8 && row[37] && row[38]) {
if (vers >= 8) {
* Temp. This is so current experiments with delay
* entries continues to work okay with the new image.
" VNODE0=%s VNODE1=%s", row[37], row[38]);
" VNODE0=%s VNODE1=%s",
(row[37] ? row[37] : "foo"),
(row[38] ? row[38] : "bar"));
strcat(buf, "\n");
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