Commit 8fd88f6f authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor bug fix.

parent f7219346
...@@ -5934,8 +5934,10 @@ sub InterpLinksAux($) ...@@ -5934,8 +5934,10 @@ sub InterpLinksAux($)
$protolink->SetAttribute("link/lan", $lan); $protolink->SetAttribute("link/lan", $lan);
$protolink->SetAttribute("switchpath", "$pathA") $protolink->SetAttribute("switchpath", "$pathA")
if (defined($pathA)); if (defined($pathA));
$virtifaceA->_vlanname($lan); $virtifaceA->_vlanname($lan)
$virtifaceB->_vlanname($lan); if (defined($virtifaceA));
if (defined($virtifaceB));
} }
$protolink->SetType($vlan_type); $protolink->SetType($vlan_type);
$protolink->SetRole($vlan_role); $protolink->SetRole($vlan_role);
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