Commit 8f3b3852 authored by Shashi Guruprasad's avatar Shashi Guruprasad
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If PCs and PCVMs end up in a LAN and if a user does not explicitly specify

an OS, the code to check for the presence of non-BSD nodes would fail.
Fixed the check so that we consider a PC to be a non-BSD node if we have
no information about what default OS is gonna be loaded on to a PC after
mapping. Lunquan Li of WormE project triggered this problem.

parent fe67376a
......@@ -3887,6 +3887,15 @@ sub CreateTopFile()
if (! ($osdoesmlink{$osid} && $osdoesveth{$osid})) {
} else {
# XXX If the user doesn't explicitly set an OS on a PC,
# currently it defaults to Redhat. At this point, it is
# not possible to know untill mapping if the default OS
# is indeed Redhat. Due to lack of information at this
# point in the code, it would safe to assume non-BSD
# regardless of whether a future or different emulab is
# gonna make BSD as the default OS
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