Commit 8cb118b0 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Don't let switches out of reloading until they finish reconfiguring too.

I'm not sure exactly why this was originally like this (let the node out
of reloading before doing the console-based reconfiguration --- cleaning
out the old config and writing a default one, via the console), but it
now fails because the node gets released from reloading (and thus its
reservation is cleared) before the reconfiguration step can grab the
console line via tiptunnel --- and a subsequent tiptunnel connect fails,
presumably because the reload_daemon no longer has permission to grab
the line.

Anyway, we'll try this... I can't see any obvious negative side
parent 61c76604
......@@ -736,6 +736,9 @@ sub Reload($$)
$rc = $self->Reconfigure($nodeobject);
# reset to teh op mode of the loaded image.
......@@ -744,7 +747,6 @@ sub Reload($$)
$rc = $self->Reconfigure($nodeobject);
goto done;
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