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After taking with Weibin, remove some obsolete comments

parent 0e778e00
......@@ -542,18 +542,6 @@ sub findVlan($$;$) {
# Create a VLAN on this switch, with the given identifier (which comes from
# the database) and given 802.1Q tag number.
# Some concerns: We force the switch to use the provided vlan_number instead
# of using its own sequence generator. This seems unnecessary
# because every one who calls device functions with vlan_number
# argument all query the vlan_number according to vlan_id first.
# A potential problem may be that the stack object can't figure
# out the new vlan_number correctly so that it may conflict
# with an existing vlan's vlan_number. But in the following
# code, this has been checked using findVlan(), however, what
# if it is a totally different vlan rather than a
# to-be-recreated one? Hope newVlanNumber() in stack module
# can work correctly to prevent such thing.
# usage: createVlan($self, $vlan_id, $vlan_number)
# returns the new VLAN number on success
# returns 0 on failure
......@@ -571,10 +559,9 @@ sub createVlan($$$) {
my $check_number = $self->findVlan($vlan_id,1);
if (defined($check_number)) {
if ($check_number != $vlan_number) {
warn "$id: recreating vlan id $vlan_id which has ".
"existing vlan number $check_number with the new number ".
return 0;
warn " ERROR: $id: Not creating $vlan_id because it already ".
"exists with name $check_number\n";
return 0;
......@@ -712,8 +699,6 @@ sub removePortsFromVlan($@) {
# returns 0 on sucess.
# returns the number of failed ports on failure.
# WARNNING: what's the difference between this and delPortVlan?
sub removeSomePortsFromVlan($$@) {
my ($self, $vlan_number, @ports) = @_;
my $id = $self->{NAME} . "::removeSomePortsFromVlan";
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