Commit 8ba6498d authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Newer freebsds have a named pidfile location problem. named writes

/var/run/ ; the rc scripts expect /var/run/named/pid.  So,
stopping named fails and makes boss-install die.  So, the quick fix for
now is to create the obvious symlink, IF the machine that is being
installed doesn't have a named_pidfile set in rc.conf .

parent 9c564f92
......@@ -1178,6 +1178,15 @@ Phase "dhcpd", "Setting up initial dhcpd configuration", sub {
Phase "named", "Setting up initial named configuration", sub {
# Newer than 6.3 have a pidfile location problem: named writes its pid to
# /var/run/, but the rc scripts set the default pidfile location
# to /var/run/named/pid. So, we symlink and hope for the best.
Phase "pidfilefix", "Fixing pidfile location mismatch", sub {
PhaseSkip("You appear to have a custom pidfile location in" .
" /etc/rc.conf")
if (`fgrep '^named_pidfile' /etc/rc.conf`);
ExecQuietFatal("ln -sf /var/run/ /var/run/named/pid");
Phase "building", "Building named files and templates", sub {
ExecQuietFatal("cd $TOP_OBJDIR/named; $GMAKE");
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