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Add several more TODO items.

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......@@ -89,6 +89,14 @@ CDROM changes (dhcp, signing).
*** Medium:
* Switch rpm/tar file to non-nfs solution. Perhaps a ftpd like daemon
which does some of the same checks that tmcd does. Or maybe a tmcd
variant that does nothing but serve up files according. Maybe it
does not need to be separate, but seems like putting this directly
into tmcd is a bad idea. Maybe not.
* Clean up osid/imageid mess.
* Add a web page to recreate an image from a node and an existing
image descriptor. Need to add a "kill runnin frisbee" function to
create_image though (well, need this in general cause I always get
......@@ -204,6 +212,8 @@ CDROM changes (dhcp, signing).
*** Minor:
* Clean up ISADMIN() and ISADMININISTRATOR() calls in php pages.
* Allow users to set default group and default shell via web page and
pass out to nodes when creating accounts.
......@@ -307,8 +317,3 @@ CDROM changes (dhcp, signing).
> ANyway, just something for the list, and keep this message in the
> details part.
This is some not well though out RON stuff:
* Add startup command for RON nodes. How to stop them? Jail?
* Add Jail.
* Add node_reboot of ron nodes.
* Add retry in wanassign.
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