Commit 8aa964de authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Use the standard mkextrafs instead of "mymkextrafs".

parent 33657c40
......@@ -163,20 +163,12 @@ void init_volumes(void)
string cmd;
#if 0
cmd = "sudo vgremove /dev/emulab -ff";
system(const_cast<char *>(cmd.c_str()));
cmd = "sudo pvremove /dev/sda4 -ff";
system(const_cast<char *>(cmd.c_str()));
/* Since creating partitions on real disk is painful, we
* make use of lvm and give logical volumes to host disks.
* mkextrafs script which will create 10 logical volumes.
cout << "Creating the disk partition ..." << endl;
cmd = "sudo /usr/testbed/bin/mymkextrafs -q -l -m vol1,vol2,vol3,vol4,vol5,vol6,vol7,vol8,vol9,vol10";
cmd = "sudo /usr/testbed/bin/mkextrafs -q -l -m vol1,vol2,vol3,vol4,vol5,vol6,vol7,vol8,vol9,vol10";
int i = system(const_cast<char *>(cmd.c_str()));
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