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Include a little info on how you might go about verifying that your image

is correct.
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......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ It also includes the associated image creation tool.
image from a disk not the network). Imagedump reveals the
innermost secrets of the image file.
What didn't make it in, was the saavy compression code for
What didn't make it in, was the savvy compression code for
NTFS. Well, the glue code is there and the NTFS support
library can be downloaded from sourceforge (linux-ntfs),
I just didn't get everything put together and tested in time.
......@@ -158,7 +158,34 @@ It also includes the associated image creation tool.
source disk/partition, how full it is, and what type of compression
is being used.
6. I did everything you said, but it doesn't work!
6. How can I tell if the image was created and/or installed correctly?
What, you don't trust us?! Ok, this is a hard problem.
The obvious answer is to checksum both the source and target
disks after creating and installing an image. But that only
works if you create a "raw" image. If you are using smart
compression, then free blocks are not saved and thus, the
corresponding blocks on the target disk will be different
than those on the source disk.
The image creation tool does do consistency checks for some
filesystem types, primarily to ensure that the number of free
blocks found matches what the filesystem thinks. But there are
other things you can do. For example, the mtree utility in BSD
allows you to create a specification of a file hierarchy,
including a checksum or hash for every file, which can be matched
against another tree. So you can create a spec for the original
filesystem(s) on a disk/partition and use it to validate an
installed copy.
Keep in mind that any solution that involves looking at the
contents of the target disk on every install is going to
increase the installation time dramatically, most likely
negating the advantage (speed!) of using Frisbee in the first
place! Sometimes you just have to have faith...use the Force...
7. I did everything you said, but it doesn't work!
The most common, non-obvious failure mode is for the client and
server to start up and just sit there apparently doing nothing.
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