Commit 89952dad authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Two stage verification.

parent 94c49e19
......@@ -78,32 +78,89 @@ function INFORMLEADERS($uid) {
$row = mysql_fetch_array($userinfo_result);
$usr_email = $row[usr_email];
$usr_URL = $row[usr_URL];
$usr_addr = $row[usr_addr];
$usr_addr2 = $row[usr_addr2];
$usr_city = $row[usr_city];
$usr_state = $row[usr_state];
$usr_zip = $row[usr_zip];
$usr_country = $row[usr_country];
$usr_name = $row[usr_name];
$usr_addr = stripslashes($row[usr_addr]);
$usr_addr2 = stripslashes($row[usr_addr2]);
$usr_city = stripslashes($row[usr_city]);
$usr_state = stripslashes($row[usr_state]);
$usr_zip = stripslashes($row[usr_zip]);
$usr_country = stripslashes($row[usr_country]);
$usr_name = stripslashes($row[usr_name]);
$usr_phone = $row[usr_phone];
$usr_title = $row[usr_title];
$usr_affil = $row[usr_affil];
$usr_title = stripslashes($row[usr_title]);
$usr_affil = stripslashes($row[usr_affil]);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($group_result)) {
$pid = $row[pid];
$gid = $row[gid];
TBGroupLeader($pid, $gid, $leader_uid);
TBUserInfo($leader_uid, $leader_name, $leader_email);
TBProjLeader($pid, $projleader_uid);
TBGroupLeader($pid, $gid, $grpleader_uid);
$allleaders = TBLeaderMailList($pid,$gid);
if (strcmp($leader_uid, $uid)) {
if (!strcmp($projleader_uid, $uid)) {
# Send email only if this is not the group leader verifying
# his account!
# Project leader verifying himself.
TBMAIL("$leader_name '$leader_uid' <$leader_email>",
TBUserInfo($projleader_uid, $leader_name, $leader_email);
TBGroupUnixInfo($pid, $pid, $unix_gid, $unix_name);
$projinfo_result =
DBQueryFatal("select * from projects where pid='$pid'");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($projinfo_result);
$proj_name = stripslashes($row[name]);
$proj_URL = $row[URL];
$proj_funders = stripslashes($row[funders]);
$proj_public = ($row[public] ? "Yes" : "No");
$proj_whynotpublic = stripslashes($row[public_whynot]);
$proj_members = $row[num_members];
$proj_pcs = $row[num_pcs];
$proj_plabpcs = $row[num_pcplab];
$proj_ronpcs = $row[num_ron];
$proj_why = stripslashes($row[why]);
$proj_expires = $row[expires];
"New Project '$pid' ($uid)",
"'$usr_name' wants to start project '$pid'.\n".
"Name: $usr_name ($uid)\n".
"Returning User?: No\n".
"Email: $usr_email\n".
"User URL: $usr_URL\n".
"Project: $proj_name\n".
"Expires: $proj_expires\n".
"Project URL: $proj_URL\n".
"Public URL: $proj_public\n".
"Why Not Public: $proj_whynotpublic\n".
"Funders: $proj_funders\n".
"Title: $usr_title\n".
"Affiliation: $usr_affil\n".
"Address 1: $usr_addr\n".
"Address 2: $usr_addr2\n".
"City: $usr_city\n".
"State: $usr_state\n".
"ZIP/Postal Code: $usr_zip\n".
"Country: $usr_country\n".
"Phone: $usr_phone\n".
"Members: $proj_members\n".
"PCs: $proj_pcs\n".
"Planetlab PCs: $proj_plabpcs\n".
"RON PCs: $proj_ronpcs\n".
"Unix GID: $unix_name ($unix_gid)\n".
"Please review the application and when you have made \n".
"a decision, go to $TBWWW and\n".
"select the 'Project Approval' page.\n\n".
"They are expecting a result within 72 hours.\n",
"From: $usr_name '$uid' <$usr_email>\n".
"Errors-To: $TBMAIL_WWW");
else {
TBUserInfo($grpleader_uid, $leader_name, $leader_email);
$allleaders = TBLeaderMailList($pid,$gid);
TBMAIL("$leader_name '$grpleader_uid' <$leader_email>",
"$uid $pid Project Join Request",
"$usr_name is trying to join your group $gid in project $pid.".
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