Commit 8978b2d7 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish
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Slothd lock files were persisting and preventing startup.

parent 56d15b7a
...@@ -76,11 +76,16 @@ system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.syncserver shutdown"); ...@@ -76,11 +76,16 @@ system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.syncserver shutdown");
print "Stopping slothd ...\n"; print "Stopping slothd ...\n";
system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.slothd stop"); system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.slothd stop");
my $pidfile = "/var/run/";
unlink($pidfile) or
warn("Could not unlink $pidfile");
print "Stopping evproxy ...\n"; print "Stopping evproxy ...\n";
my $file = "/var/run/"; $pidfile = "/var/run/";
system("kill `cat $file`") system("kill `cat $pidfile`")
if (-f $file && -s $file); if (-f $pidfile && -s $pidfile);
unlink($pidfile) or
warn("Could not unlink $pidfile");
# Logfiles. # Logfiles.
print "Cleaning logfiles ...\n"; print "Cleaning logfiles ...\n";
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