Commit 88a8f388 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Fix a bug in finding the oldest child for timeout purposes, we were

actually finding the youngest.

Luckily, it was not causing timeouts that were too short, only
timeouts that were too long.
parent 2c96581a
......@@ -348,11 +348,11 @@ while (1) {
# old (not much of a life, is it?), so we find the first one marked for
# death.
my $oldest = 0;
my $oldest;
my $oldestpid = 0;
while (my ($pid, $aref) = each %child_vnodes) {
my ($vnode, $pnode, $mode, $jailed, $plab, $birthtime) = @$aref;
if ($birthtime > $oldest) {
if ((!$oldestpid) || ($birthtime < $oldest)) {
$oldest = $birthtime;
$oldestpid = $pid;
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