Commit 88183633 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Forgot to check in a script!

parent e5b2a5b4
# The template
use strict;
use libinstall;
use installvars;
sub Install($$$)
my ($server, $isupdate, $impotent) = @_;
# Replace if this script does an update for ip/domain.
return 0
if ($isupdate);
# Initialize server IP/MAC sitevars (for ARP lockdown).
Phase "updatesitevars", "Initializing ARP sitevars", sub {
if (ExecQuiet("$SUDO $UPDATESITEVARS")) {
PhaseSkip("update_sitevars failed, run by hand");
return 0;
# Local Variables:
# mode:perl
# End:
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