Commit 8711c84b authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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don't log the pid, syslog already does this

parent b013f46a
......@@ -859,13 +859,11 @@ handle_request(int sock, struct sockaddr_in *client, char *rdata, int istcp)
* both for privacy and to keep our syslog smaller.
if (command_array[i].func == dolog)
info("%s: pid:%d vers:%d %s log %d chars\n",
reqp->nodeid, mypid, version,
cp, strlen(rdata));
info("%s: vers:%d %s log %d chars\n",
reqp->nodeid, version, cp, strlen(rdata));
else if (command_array[i].func != doisalive || verbose)
info("%s: pid:%d vers:%d %s %s\n", reqp->nodeid,
mypid, version,
cp, command_array[i].cmdname);
info("%s: vers:%d %s %s\n", reqp->nodeid,
version, cp, command_array[i].cmdname);
err = command_array[i].func(sock, reqp, rdata, istcp, version);
......@@ -878,8 +876,8 @@ handle_request(int sock, struct sockaddr_in *client, char *rdata, int istcp)
redirect ? &redirect_client : client);
if (byteswritten)
info("%s: pid:%d %s wrote %d bytes\n",
reqp->nodeid, mypid, command_array[i].cmdname,
info("%s: %s wrote %d bytes\n",
reqp->nodeid, command_array[i].cmdname,
return 0;
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