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Utah Network Testbed
Web Interface FAQ


Utah Network Testbed - Web Interface FAQ

- Welcome to the Utah Network Testbed. We hope to make your - experience with us very positive, and hope that you will return, - and recommend the testbed to others. -

- - Our goal is to make the testbed very easy to use, yet flexible - enough to do whatever you need it to do. This web interface will - allow you to enter the appropriate data that we need to be able to - help you better. -

- To protect any data you submit, SSL is used to encrypt data as it is transfered accross the Internet. Therefore, you will need to access these pages with a browser that supports SSL. We recommend @@ -28,14 +17,6 @@

  1. So why do I need to use these web pages, anyway?


    We need to get some information from you, both for security, - and for management of Testbed resources. These web pages - will let you apply for an account to be able to use the - testbed, and will let you perform management operations - within your accounts limits. -

  2. What do I need to do to be able to use the Testbed?

    If you're here on your own, or you're the leader of a group of people who want to use the Testbed, the first step is to @@ -60,28 +41,29 @@

  3. I'm already a Testbed user, but I'm collaborating with - another project. How can I join that project too?


    Go back to the 'Apply for Project Membership' page, put in - your username and password, and the project you want to join. We - already have everything else on file. Then submit the request, - and the leader of the project you want to join will be notified. - If the leader approves you, you will become a member of that - project as well. + another project. Can I join that project too? +

    Yes, if that project leader approves you. + Do the appropriate stuff on the 'Join a Project' page.

  4. I've been approved. How do I use my account?


    The first step would be to come back here and log in. That - will update list of options in the side bar. You might be +

    The first step would be to come back here and log in to + the Web interface. That + will update list of options in the side bar. + + Those will normally include starting a new "experiment" + which leads to reserving a set of nodes, which leads to + automatic creation of Unix accounts on those nodes for all members in your + project. You will be able to use ssh to log into those machines. +

    + You will also receive an + account on the "control" machine, and from there will be able to access + the test nodes' serial line consoles via 'tip' as well as access + console log files. +

  5. You still haven't answered my question. Who can I @@ -96,8 +78,6 @@




Thanks for using the Testbed, and come back soon!

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Group '$gid' successfully added.


The Approval Committee has been notified of your application. -Most applications are reviewed within 72 hours. We will notify +

The review committee has been notified of your application. +Most applications are reviewed within one week. We will notify you by e-mail at '$usr_name <$email>' of their decision -regarding your proposed group '$gid'.\n"; +regarding your proposed project '$gid'.\n"; if (! $returning) { echo "

In the meantime, for diff --git a/www/welcome.html b/www/welcome.html index 46392d9984adb16c62f38ec75fee29714ff12659..ce0d583f0f9365dd35fa53a486fa23581a0c7ba6 100644 --- a/www/welcome.html +++ b/www/welcome.html @@ -1,46 +1,35 @@ - Utah Network Testbed - Home + Utah Network Testbed - Control Home -

Welcome to Testbed Control


Testbed Control

+ +This is the operational Web interface to the testbed. +For information on the testbed itself, see the +base and +documentation pages. +

+ +Use this set of pages +


+ +When your project or membership request is approved or denied you will +receive email. -

What is the Testbed?

- The Testbed is a large scale (225 node) testbed for research in - networking and distributed systems, with externally configurable - control over all its physical characteristics and software. Put - another way, the Testbed is an "Internet in a Room" that can be - fully controlled and operated via its Web interfaces. -

- -

Who is it for?

- - Researchers working in traditional areas of networking; - active/programmable networking and services; distributed systems; - fault tolerance and high availability; distributed simulation; - security, including denial-of-service resistance and intrusion - detection; epidemic quorum and gossip protocols; parallel and - distributed I/O architectures; "active disk'' I/O architectures; - performance projection of postulated hardware; and for - computational loads: measurement, analysis, tuning, task - assignment and scheduling, and relationship to hardware and - software characteristics. -

- -

What can it do?

- - The Testbed allows an experimenter to do accurate emulation of - wide area networks via user-configurable control of the Testbed's - ``physical'' characteristics, such as error models, latency, - bandwidth, packet ordering, processing power, and buffer space. - Low-level device/OS costs such as interrupt load and memory - bandwidth can be captured. Experimentation on the router software - itself, as well as ease of maintainence and robust security, is - provided by fully user-replaceable router OS/software; -

How do I get started

Briefly, you use the links at your left to create and join @@ -57,7 +46,7 @@

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an extensive FAQ which will - hopefully answer any other questions you have regarding the + hopefully answer other questions you have regarding the Testbed.