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Add information the FAQ enty about multicast: avoiding the control net

and the special multicast addresses.
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rtproto commands will not do it.)
When using multicast, there are a few issues you need to be aware
of. The first is the fact that multicast traffic will often find
the control network, rather than the experimental network, which
you don't want. See <a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3#ControlNet">this
section</a> of the tutorial for information about the control net.
There are two ways to work around the control net. The first is to
set a route for all multicast addresses ( to go out the
experimental interface of your node. The second is to have your program
use the IP_MULTICAST_IF sockopt to bind to a particular interface.
You should also stay away from multicast addresses that have special
meanings, such as . You can get a list of these addresses
from IANA <a href="">
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