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Notes on what I did to convert minibed ops to a jail running on boss.

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This is what I did to convert a real ops to a VM on boss. This also
moves the NFS server from ops to boss since its silly to do that
from a VM that is on boss.
Need a single patition to hold the ops VM. This is for what is
currenty on ops in /, /usr and /var. About 6GB should do it.
Mount this new partition as /ops.
Need a single large partition for /proj, /users, /groups, and
/share. Mount this new partition as /q.
Once you have /ops mounted, copy over the existing ops:
boss> sudo rsync -a -H ops:/ /ops
You also want to move ops:/proj, etc over to boss since that is now
going to be the file server. The easiest thing to do is make a single
partition and call it /q, and then move them over, either from ops or
from the copy of ops you made above. How you do this depends on how
big ops is and how much space is already consumed. Ditto for /share.
Be sure to add the new filesystems to boss:/etc/fstab
OPS is no longer the NFS server, so it needs to see the filesystems
that have moved to boss. We could do that as an NFS client, but that
would be silly. Instead, lets use nullfs mounts. First unmount the
existing NFS mounts:
boss> cd /
boss> sudo umount /proj
boss> sudo umount /users
boss> sudo umount /groups
boss> sudo umount /share
boss> sudo rmdir /proj /users /groups /share
boss> sudo ln -s /q/proj proj
boss> sudo ln -s /q/users users
boss> sudo ln -s /q/groups groups
boss> sudo ln -s /q/share share
Then in boss:/etc/fstab add these:
/q/groups /ops/groups nullfs rw 0 0
/q/users /ops/users nullfs rw 0 0
/q/proj /ops/proj nullfs rw 0 0
/q/share /ops/share nullfs rw 0 0
Note: you might need to remove existing symlinks in /ops.
boss> cd /ops
boss> sudo rm proj share users groups
boss> sudo mkdir proj share users groups
boss> sudo mount /ops/users
boss> sudo mount /ops/proj
boss> sudo mount /ops/share
boss> sudo mount /ops/groups
Boss NFS mounts ops:/usr/testbed and ops:/mnt/var, but we do not
need to do this since we have those filesystems right on boss. We
can just use symlinks. Note that there are currently NFS mounts on
these twho dirs, so will have to unmount them first (and remove them
from boss:/etc/fstab) and rmdir the existing directories.
boss> cd /usr/testbed
boss> sudo umount /usr/testbed/usersvar
boss> sudo umount /usr/testbed/opsdir
boss> sudo rmdir opsdir usersvar
boss> sudo ln -s /ops/usr/testbed opsdir
boss> sudo ln -s /ops/var usersvar
Clear out /etc/fstab inside the VM.
boss> sudo cp /dev/null /ops/etc/fstab
One both boss and ops, change /etc/hosts so that "fs" is an alias to
boss instead of ops.
Create /etc/exports.head on boss since it now the NFS server. Be sure
to change the networkk appropriately; see ops:/etc/exports.head.
/q/share -network 155.98.36 -mask -maproot=root -ro -alldirs
Do this to get the mounts initialized, for exports_setup later:
boss> sudo cp /etc/exports.head /etc/exports
boss> sudo killall mountd
boss> sudo mountd
Need this magic for X11 forwarding into a jail.
boss> sudo csh
boss> echo 'X11UseLocalhost no' >> /ops/etc/ssh/sshd_config
boss> exit
Make sure boss:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys allows root login from boss.
boss> sudo csh
boss> cd /root/.ssh
boss> cat >> authorized_keys
boss> exit
Completely replace /ops/etc/rc.conf with the following. Be sure to set
the hostname in the following:
pubsubd_flags="-T 10"
nfs_client_flags="-n 8"
Then add the jail config boss:/etc/rc.conf. Be sure to get the
hostname and IP address correct. Also the interface.
Make sure the old ops has been turned off, and then start the jail.
boss> sudo /etc/rc.d/jail start ops
You should now be able to log into your ops VM.
On both boss and ops, change /etc/hosts so that "fs" is an alias to
boss instead of ops.
On boss, edit /etc/named/*.head and change the CNAMES for fs so that
they oint to boss instead of ops.
So now we have to rebuild and install the Emulab source code, but first
we have to make some changes to the defs file. First add these:
Make sure that the FSDIR variables are set properly. Since we put
everything on /q:
Also need to make sure that FSNODE is set to boss:
Turn off WINDOWS; not supported yet.
Time to rebuild the source.
boss> cd /your/obj/tree
boss> gmake clean
boss> configure ....
boss> gmake
boss> sudo gmake boss-install
Make sure these work:
boss> exports_setup
boss> named_setup
If so, then turn things on:
boss> sudo testbed-control boot
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