Commit 84a5d5eb authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Add a sanity check to see if someone's experiment uses more VLANs

than we can physically make on the switches.
parent 9227d25b
......@@ -1172,6 +1172,31 @@ sub doVlansFromTables($@) {
return RemoteDoVlansFromTables(@vlans);
# Sanity check: make sure that this experiment does not use more VLANs than
# we can put on the stack. Note that we don't try to check how many are
# available (ie. total - used), because getting the 'used' value is not
# trivial.
my $leader = getStackLeader($stack->{STACKID});
if (!defined $leader) {
tberror "Unable to get stack leader for $stack->{STACKID}";
return 1;
my $switch_options = getDeviceOptions($leader);
if (!defined $switch_options) {
tberror "Unable to get stack leader for $stack->{STACKID}";
return 1;
my $vlan_count = $switch_options->{'max_vlan'} -
my $expt_vlan_count = scalar(@vlans);
if ($expt_vlan_count > $vlan_count) {
tberror "Too many VLANs in experiment: $expt_vlan_count requested, " .
"$vlan_count available";
return 1;
my @trunkedPorts = getExperimentTrunks($pid,$eid);
$equaltrunking = 1;
foreach my $port (@trunkedPorts) {
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